Improve your memory function

Cognitive decline or memory loss is commonly faced by older people. It can be very difficult to deal with this problem, both for the elderly and their loved ones. The following advice will help you in your quest to find ways of improving memory and mental elasticity.

Write down things you want to remember in order to improve your memory. This will help create blood flow toward the parts of the brain that help you remember things. Keeping a journal or writing detailed letters can improve you ability to remember important information.

If this happens to you, take a short break each hour and give your mind time to rest. This makes it easier for you to retain important matters more effectively.

Memory Enhancing Games

Memory games can really improve your memory if you play them regularly. Some memory games are fun and are effective in helping you recall things better. In addition to enhancing your memory, these games will also help increase your ability to concentrate and extend your attention span. It is possible to play some memory games on the Internet at no cost.

Memory can be jogged and improved if you try removing yourself from a typical study environment and find a new one. A change in scenery refreshes your mind which makes memory storage and retention far more effective. When there are changes to any of your routines, it wakes your brain up, making it easier to absorb information.

Associating a bit of information with a humorous song or image can help your brain recall it later. Adding a silly twist to memory exercises makes it easier for your brain to store important facts and figures.

A strategy that helps to increase your memory is to try to visualize those things you need to remember or recall. If you want to remember information you are learning about in a textbook, use photographs or charts as visual stimulus for committing it all to memory. You could also draw graphs or charts to aid you in remembering these things.

You can find a number of useful books on the topic of memory improvement at your local public library. Many psychiatrists have written books that help people improve memory. You might not need anything more than these books to help.

One memory improvement technique is to teach other people about something interesting. Talking often about your special memories, such as those involving your children’s young lives, will help you to retain the memory longer. That will reinforce it in your mind, and make it harder to forget.

Don’t try to cram tons on information into your brain. If committing something to memory is essential, take the time to establish planned sessions in which to study. Learning a large amount of information at one sitting is not an effective method for long-term memory. When you do this, you overwhelm your brain and don’t recall all that you studied. You need to schedule multiple small study sessions to practice memory techniques.

Although you may have left the classroom far behind, you should never stop trying to learn new ways of thinking. The part of your brain which helps with memory needs to be used to continue functioning. When you don’t stretch your memory on a regular basis, it is more likely that you will lose your ability.

Get plenty of sleep. If you want to strengthen your memory, you need to get adequate sleep. If your concentration is impaired, it may become difficult to store events in your long-term memory.

You need to consume the proper foods for brain development if you want to improve your focus and memory. Monounsaturated fats are essential for a healthy brain. Eat foods including nuts, fish, and flax seed oil instead of the nasty trans fats.

Stress causes memory loss. Whether you are learning something new or are attempting to recall where you have put something, relax. Take your time to remember whatever you have to, rather than getting frustrated.

Fish Oil

Adding fish oil to your diet really helps enhance your cognitive abilities. There is evidence to suggest that the omega-3 fatty acids that are naturally abundant in fish oil can boost memory. Taking the proper dose is critical, so don’t take any until you have consulted your doctor.

When thinking of an older friend or relative, the first thing that usually comes to mind is memory issues. Although it is sad and unfortunate, it is a natural fact of life. Fortunately, this loss of cognitive perception can occasionally be prevented or slowed down. The following article offers tips and tricks to help a person fight off memory loss, whether they are old or young.

Memory Enhancement Supplements

Another option is to go the simple way and just choose a supplement to improve the health of your brain, memory, focus, and concentration.

These types of supplements are called nootropics or smart drugs and ever since the movie Limitless cam out a few ago, they have increased in popularity.

3 Top Memory Enhancement Supplements


The Nootrogen nootropic supplement is currently one of the most popular available on the market. Here you will get a unique combination of ingredients that will help you to improve memory, focus and over all cognitive function. Addium comes with Alpha GPC and Huperzine A two very potent memory enhancers. Check out this Nootrogen review to learn more.


Genbrain is another great option if you want to get started using a memory enhancer. Gen Brain is probably the supplement that comes with more ingredients, a total of 13. All are well tested when it comes to the health of your brain and cognitive function. Check out this Genbrain review to learn more.

Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ is a free trial where you have the chance to test out the supplement to see if you like it or not. With this free trial you, only pay the handing and shipping costs. Then you will have 14 days to test it out. Synagen is actually quite good when it comes to supplements. It comes with the patented Cognizin that functions as an energizer powering your brain with some extra energy. Learn more about Synagen IQ.