AdderinHave you ever been in a situation where you had to solve complex tasks but did not feel you had the brainpower available to solve the task? Or been in a situation where you had to over-perform to do a difficult test or job?

Usually, when we are in these types of situations, we tend to drink lots of coffee to power up our brains with as much energy as possible.

Synagen IQ a Solution Better Than Coffee

But did you know that there is another solution available, that is much better than coffee and caffeine?

The solution is to use a nootropic supplement like Synagen. In fact, this type of supplement is so powerful when it comes to solving difficult tasks that many of its users, only are not getting their cup of coffee in the morning anymore.

Synagen IQ Benefits

A great benefit of using a supplement like Synagen IQ is it will not only provide your brain with extra energy; it will also improve mental clarity, cognitive function, memory, and concentration.

This means that you will be able to solve difficult tasks for a longer period without the need of having breaks. You will also avoid the so-called “brain fog”, where your brain directly shots down because of too much information at the same time.

So how can this be done? How is it possible to take a supplement and get all these benefits? It all comes down to the ingredients you will get using Synagen pills.

Some of the Synagen IQ Ingredients

This is not a supplement with the regular vitamins and minerals but a supplement that contains highly advanced ingredients that will boost your brain function.

Huperzine A, Alpha GPC and Vinpocetine are just a few of the ingredients that you will get with Synagen IQ brain pills. These compounds are highly advanced and will help you improve your brain function by increasing the number of neurotransmitters you have available. At the same time, they will also increase the speed of how they work, so they will be able to carry information from your brain at a faster level, than before.

Improving your neurotransmitter is one of the keys when it comes to improving your brain function overall.

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