Higher Nitric Oxide LevelsFor decades guys who want to build lean muscle mass and strength have been taught that to create lean muscles you must go to the gym and work out, and combine it with a high protein diet, and then else make sure to get plenty of rest.

All these are correct, but is it enough when you want to build lean muscles and strength? For some guys, it is not. They will have to add an extra dimension to their muscle building, higher nitric oxide levels!

The Guys Who are Not Building Lean Muscles

We see them a lot in the gym, the guys who year after year, still are there, but almost look the same as when they first started out. You can probably recognize yourself if that is you.

So why is that? How come they are not getting any better results from all the labor they put into their workouts and their diets?

Some trainers probably just tell them to be patient, it will come. Or that you have a high metabolism, or that your genes simply are not into muscle building.

Honestly all that is rubbish. You just need a different approach to your muscle-building! And perhaps increasing your nitric oxide levels is just what you have to do?

Benefits Of Higher Nitric Oxide Levels

When you increase your nitric oxide levels, so you are going to get a couple of benefits that will help you with your muscle building. These advantages will also aid you with your sexual health, in case you have some erectile issues.

Higher nitric oxide levels will improve and increase your blood flow. At the same time, it will expand your blood vessels so they can transport more oxygen, blood, and nutrients out to your muscles.

Better nitric oxide levels only mean that your muscles will have more nutrients available for growth and recovery.

If your No2 levels are low, often all that proteins you are having with your meals will be wasted, it will be expelled from your body before you can use it for muscle building. Higher levels will make sure nothing goes to waste.

How to Increase You Nitric Oxide Levels

Healthy eating and making sure that you are getting plenty of L-Arginine is one way to increase your nitric oxide levels. But if you really want to raise them for some serious muscle building, you should use Force Factor Volcano. It is

But if you really want to raise them for some serious muscle building, you should use Force Factor Volcano. It is nitric oxide and creatine combo that gives you a couple of extra ingredients that will take your muscle building a couple of steps further.

Nitro Strength not only comes with L-Arginine you will also get the unique con-secret blend that will feed your muscles anaerobic energy, meaning you will be able to lift heavier weight for a longer time.

If you are interested in learning more about this nitric oxide booster, I suggest that you check out this Nitro Strength review. It is your opportunity to test this out and feel all the benefits with your own muscle building.


You should always make sure to get plenty of L-Arginine from your diet, but building lean muscles will take some more compared to the average person. It is one of the reasons why a supplement like Volcano might be a good idea.