Basic muscle building tips

So, you are about to get started working out in a gym? We can only say that you have made the right decision! As soon as you start to see some good results, you too will feel you did the right thing.

We don’t want you to waste your time, so we have collected a couple of muscle building tips, to get you started.

Making a Schedule

What is very important to do, but what many guys and girls are overlooking is to make a schedule and a plan. How much time do you have available for working out? At what time during the day do you plan to do it? And do you have access to cooking your meals?

Finding answers to these questions and others you might is a good idea. It gives you a realistic set up for your workout routines that will be easy to maintain. It will also create consistency with your training which is vital when it comes to results.

Finding Your Gym

Finding a gym that you like to workout in is very important when you want to build lean muscles and strength. However, you also need to find a gym that has the right equipment for your type of training.

If your main focus is to pack on as muscle mass as possible, a regular health club gym is not the right choice.

Their weights will not be heavy enough for you. Here you need to look for a gym with lots of free weights and barbells and trust me, it is not always that easy.

If you are more into regular fitness and want to lose some weight, a health club gym will be the right choice for you.

Consider a Split-Routine Instead of a Full Body

If you already have been working out in a gym, you probably already know how to do the different exercises. If you have been doing a full-body program earlier, I suggest that you switch to a split routine.

Here you can do a two or a three-split routine, meaning you train different muscle groups on separate days. It gives you the opportunity to hit your muscles harder and at the same time give them plenty of time for recovery.

Most bodybuilders use some split-routine in their workouts, because of the hit it hard and then recovers approach.

No More Than An Hour

When you are in the gym you must not train your muscles for more than an hour each time. But make sure to train with a high intensity where you are getting a sweat on your forehead. If you train longer than an hour, your training often becomes inefficient, because you spend too much time doing other things.

If you do high-intensity for two hours, you may end up overtraining overall. So train for an hour and you can do an extra half hour of cardio if you want to.

Your Diet

Getting your diet right is as important as your workouts and periods of rest. Without diet or if you are eating unhealthily it will take you much longer to build lean muscles and strength.

Proteins are vital to your success, but so are carbohydrates, and healthy fats. It is a huge mistake only to pay attention to your protein intake. It is a matter of creating synergy between all nutrients that in return will result in lean muscles and strength.

Using Supplements Like A Protein Powder and Crazybulk D-Bal

What about supplements, are they worth anything when it comes to muscle building?

One thing is for sure, any muscle-building should consist of a good cheap protein supplement because it makes it easier to get proteins right after your workout.

Besides that, you can also consider all-natural steroid alternatives like Crazybulk D-Bal a muscle building supplement that mimics steroids like Dianabol. However, it does not come with any of the severe side effects so it is safer to use.

If you are more into getting a beach body and not so much mass, you can use a steroid alternative like Anvarol. It doesn’t add a lot of mass but are more focused on getting you lean and ripped.

Keep in mind these steroid alternatives are not quite that effective but can be strong enough to give you some good results. And also, they do not give you any serious side effects like steroids.