How to Avoid the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss PlateauYou may have tried it already hitting the dreaded weight loss plateau where you after a couple of weeks suddenly hits a plateau where your weight loss efforts has come to a halt.

A weight loss plateau can happen to everyone no matter how much you are dieting and no matter how much exercise you are doing. A weight loss plateau normally happens because you body has gotten used to what you are doing and really do not want to lose any more weight. You have to remember that basically your body loves fat simply because it was survival back in the days where we were living in caves doing hunting.

Slowing Down Your Metabolism

What happens when you reach a weight loss plateau is that your metabolism will begin to slow down to a level where you will not be able to lose any more weight.

What normally dieters are doing here is to try to eat less food in order to get the diet back on track. However this approach is all wrong because it will slow down your metabolism any further.

So instead of trying to fight against your body and your metabolism you need to do a surprise attack something unexpected.

Zig Zag Dieting

Zig zag dieting  is one way you can wrist yourself out of a weight loss plateau. Here you wil be taking in a higher amount of calories one day, and then make a full calorie intake drop the next day. This means your diet during a week will be a zig zag from high calorie intakes to a low calorie intake.

When you count the amount of calories you have been eating for a week, they should stay very close to the amount of calories you would normally take it with your normal weight loss diet.

This approach can be very effective but it can be quite difficult to administer and may lead you right back into normal eating again. The temptation for food simply becomes to high on your high calorie days so it is difficult just to stick to a low calorie diet the next day.

Suppressing Your Appetite a Good Solution

An effective way to avoid that you will end up sabotaging your diet during a zig zag diet approach is to suppress your appetite in such a way that you will feel full and satisfied before you finish eating. When you suppress your appetite it will become more difficult fro you to do the high calorie days, because you will feel full

But this is just what we want, because that way you will not get tempted and fall right back into old habits off eating.

When you want to suppress your appetite a weight loss supplement like Phen375 can be a great choice. Not only will it effectively suppress your appetite, it will also make sure your metabolism are up and running. This is exactly what you will need in this case where you have reach a weight loss plateau.