Getting is Much More Than Just the Muscle Building

getting big building lean muscleFor guys who wants to get bigger in form of lean muscle mass but are currently not getting the desired results, needs to understand a few things about modern muscle building.

For sure you can go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week in order to hit some weights. You can also expect to get some good gains from your efforts. However if you really want to stand out when it comes to lean muscle mass, you need to pay attention on a couple of other things as well.

Endurance for Muscle Building

Endurance training is often way to overlooked among guys who just want to get as much muscle mass as possible. They may think endurance is something for guys doings fights or athletics.

However guys who wants to get bigger can get a lot of benefits from endurance training. This type of training will enhance your hearts ability to pump blood around in your body. It will also improve your cardiovascular function quite a bit. Both are very important when it comes to your muscle building.

It will simply make it easier for you to gain lean muscle mass and keep it on.

Strength for Muscle Building

Getting more strength is another important issue when it comes to building lean muscle mass. A lot of guys only work out for getting bigger, but if you add in a little extra strength training in your work out you will be able to boost your muscle building quite a bit. This is because you will force your muscles to work harder. In compensation for this they will start to grow because more volume is required.

An easy way to get started with some more strength training in your work out is to add in a couple of sets where you go very heavy so you can barely lift more than 4 to 6 reps in each set.

Lack of Energy and Stamina to do the Above

Ok so it all sounds very good and you can see the benefits doing it, but you do simply not have the energy to carry out more strength and endurance training in your workouts.

For sure you need to have your diet in place, you will need some more carbohydrates because you will burn more energy in your workout. This carbohydrates should be from a good source like brown rice or potatoes. Forget all about energy drinks.

A good supplement to use here is No2 Maximus because it will give you more energy by improving your blood flow so more energy sources will be carried out to your muscles. No2 Maximus comes with some very good ingredients that will help you to get more strength but also will improve your endurance.


So basically there are really no excuses for adding more endurance and strength in your workouts. For sure diet plays a huge part here, but if that is not enough supplements like No2 Maximus are here to help you as well.